2012, Volume 12, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Evaluating the Volatility Forecasting Performance of Best Fitting GARCH Models in Emerging Asian Stock Markets PDF
Chaiwat Kosapattarapim, Yan-Xia Lin, Michael McCrae 1-15
Robust Estimation in Non-normal Samples with Known Detection Limits PDF
Evrim Oral 16-37
On A Subclass of K-Uniformly Convex Functions Associated With Fractional Derivative Operators PDF
Somia Muftah Amsheri, Valentina Zharkova 38-52
Common fixed point results for mappings satisfying (psi, varphi)-weak contractions in ordered partial metric space PDF
Hassen Aydi 53-64
Explicit error bounds for nonconforming approximation of the heat equation PDF
B. Achchab, A. Benjouad, A. Souissi 65-80
Neighbour Balanced Block Designs for Test Treatments-Control Comparisons PDF
A. R. Abeynayake, Seema Jaggi, Cini Varghese 81-96
Convergence of multivalued game which become fairer with time and Mils PDF
Fettah Akhiat, Mohamed El Harami, Fatima Ezzaki 97-112
Entropy unilateral solutions for strongly nonlinear parabolic problems without sign condition and via a sequence of penalized equations PDF
Y. Akdim, J. Bennouna, A. Bouajaja, M. Mekkour, H. Redwane 113-134