2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


Bayesian estimation of simplex distribution nonlinear mixed models for longitudinal data PDF
Yuan-Ying Zhao, Deng-Ke Xu, Xing-De Duan, Liang Dai 1-10
A novel construction of Quasi-Pade approximation and its application in solving generalized (2+1) dimensional Boussinesq equation PDF
Zhenbo Li, Jiashi Tang, Ping Cai 11-19
Application of Quantum Game Theory for Strategy of Multiple Robots Chasing Preys Together PDF
CHEN Xiang-zhang, HAN Yong-yin 20-28
External Shocks, Competitive Holding and Cooperation Strategy of Foreign Exchange Reserves PDF
Wei Xiaoyun, Han Liyan 29-37
Finding a solution of a class of multi-objective programming problems PDF
Qingqing Liu, Xiaohui Qian 38-44
Local Restrained Condition on Sparse Recovery in the High Dimensional Linear Regression PDF
Shiqing Wang, Yan Shi, Limin Su 45-57
The Optimization Method and Application of Background Value in Non-equidistant GM (1,1) Model PDF
Cuifeng Li 58-65
The Problem of Power Spectrum and the Signal-To-Noise Ratio and Its Fast Algorithm Implementation in Gene Identification PDF
Chun Yan, Xiu-juan Su, Xin-min LIU, Jia Song 66-72
Existence, Uniqueness and Approximation of Solution for the Fractional Semilinear Integro-differential Equation PDF
Alka Chadha, D. N. Pandey 73-89
Simulation Model for Transportation Flows and its Nexus to Economic Growth under Small Sample Size PDF
Jianhu Zheng 90-99
The Financing Method of China’s Small and Micro-Enterprises: Based on Mathematical Modelling PDF
YANG Juan 100-109