2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


The Probability That an Element of the Dihedral Groups Fixes a Set PDF
Mustafa Anis El-sanfaz, Nor Haniza Sarmin, Sanaa Mohamed Saleh Omer 1-6
A penalty decomposition method for the optimization problem with two 0-norm constraints PDF
Hongtao Li, Wenxing Zhu 7-15
On Generalized Difference Sequence Space defined over Class of p-Supremum Bounded Variation Sequences PDF
M. A. Imron, C.R. Indrati, Widodo 16-26
The Coupled Mathematical Model of Reservoir Temperature Field, Stress Field and Fluid Seepage Field PDF
Zhou Zhijun, Zhang Wei, Huang Zeming, Yu Shaohua 27-35
Some application of ideals of Г-AG-ring PDF
T. Gaketem 36-40
Improved H∞ stabilization criterion for nonuniform sampling fuzzy systems PDF
Zhanlei Shang, Zhaorui Ma, Xun-Lin Zhu 41-51
Geometric Lattices Generated by Idempotent Matrices over Finite Fields PDF
Ying Zhang 52-61
ARIMA-Noise Model for A Segmented Intervention Analysis of Maternal Health Policy on Assisted Delivery PDF
Odame Owiredu Emmanuel, Atinuke O. Adebanji, Romain Glèlè Kakaï 62-71
On the harmonic index of cacti PDF
Jinli Chen, Jianbo Lv 72-83
The Indoor Experiment of the Polymer Flooding in the Portuguese I1-2 Layer of the Xingnan Development Area PDF
Zhou Zhijun, Wang Run, Huang Zeming, Yan Wenhua 84-93
GARCH model for volatility in stock return series of Vietnam stock market PDF
Duc Thang Le, Qiang Zhang 94-110
Detection of Cracks According to Bayesian Wavelet Threshold on Metal Magnetic Memory Signals PDF
L. H. Gong, Z. X. Li, Z. Zhang, S.J. Liu 111-118
A Broad Class of Additive Error Coding, Channels and Lower Bound on the Probability of Error for Block Codes using SK- Metric PDF
Ankita Gaur, Bhu Dev Sharma 119-131
Finite Element Analysis of Flow-solid- temperature Three Field Coupling of Thermal Recovery Well PDF
Zhou Zhijun, Jin Zhanjie, Huang Zeming, Yu Shaohua 132-139
Global robust attractivity of fuzzy static cellular neural networks with infinite distributed delays and impulses PDF
Kaihong Zhao 140-150
A New Method for Train Timetable Stability Control PDF
H W. Zhang 151-158
Choice-Based Conjoint Model for Evaluating Consumers’ Purchasing Preferences for Battery Electric Vehicle Attributes PDF
Yueh-Hua Lee, Chin-Mei Wang, Wen-Ting Lee 159-171
A connections-constrained model for intrusion detection in Ad-Hoc networks PDF
Hongxia Shi 172-182