2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 8

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Table of Contents


Cubic B-Spline Functions and Their Usage in Interpolation PDF
Maria Munguia, Dambaru Bhatta 1-19
The Powers of a Kind of Integral Valued Polynomials PDF
Junli Zhang, Xiaoxue Li 20-23
Three Types of Static Bifurcation and Control in Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems PDF
Tang Jiashi, Han Feng, Zhang Liang, Zhou Mi 24-32
On Generalized Difference Double Sequence Space Defined over Class of p-Supremum Bounded Variation Double Sequences PDF
M.A. Imron, C.R. Indrati, Widodo 33-44
Interval Iterative Method Based on Liu Chaotic System for Solving Planar Mechanism Synthesis PDF
Youxin LUO, Xiaoyi CHE, Zheming HE, Qiyun LIU 45-54
The application of binary accelerated particle swarm optimization method to unconstrained binary quadratic problems PDF
Geng Lin, Jian Guan 55-61
Study of Temporal Point Process as a Renewal Process with the Distribution of Interevent Time is Exponential Family PDF
Nurtiti Sunusi, Abd. Naser, A. Kresna J, Anna Islamiyati, Raupong 62-67
Analytical Approach for Stability of Variable Cross-section Compression Bars PDF
Lijun YANG, Zhiheng DENG 68-75
Quasi-ideal in Γ-AG-ring PDF
T. Gaketem 76-82
Decycling Numbers of Strong Product Graphs involving Paths, Circuits, Stars or Complete Graphs PDF
Jinshan Xie, Xiao Chen, Yongxuan Lai 83-90
Some Properties of Countable Directed Minimal Set on Countable Continuous Lattice PDF
Zhan Shiyuan, Jiang Guanghao 91-96
Local and parallel finite element method for Laplace eigenvalue problem PDF
Geng Tang, Yidu Yang, Hao Li 97-106
Flow of an Unsteady Dusty Fluid through Hexagonal Channel in Presence of Porous Medium PDF
K.R. Madhura, D.S. Swetha 107-134
y-Wiener index of some graph operations PDF
Saihua Liu, Jianping Ou, Youchuang Lin 135-143
Asymmetric Dependence between Efficiency and Market Power: Longitudinal Perspective of the Taiwan Life Insurance Industry PDF
C. C. Chuang, Y. C. Tang 144-151