2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 9

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Table of Contents


An Algorithmic Analysis of a Combinatorial Game PDF
Daxin Zhu, Lei Wang, Jun Tian, Xiaodong Wang 1-10
Dynamic Properties of the Elliptic Hyperbolic Parabolic Cable Network PDF
Lijun YANG, Zhiheng DENG 11-19
Estimation of global minimum value of the optimality criteria for constructing optimal Latin hypercube designs PDF
Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol, Anamai Na-udom 20-30
The adaptive finite element method based on multi-scale discretizations for eigenvalue problems with homogeneous mixed boundary conditions PDF
Xing Chen, Yidu Yang, Jiayu Han 31-40
Exploring Decline Curve Residual Modeling using Kalman Filter PDF
N. Fitriyati, S. Darwis, A.Y. Gunawan, A.K. Permadi 41-52
Pricing Life Insurance with Poisson Jump-diffusion Under No-arbitrage Framework PDF
Liu Xiang-dong, Zhong Nie 55-61
Exact Expression of Average Run Length of EWMA Chart for SARIMA (P,D,Q)L Procedure PDF
Piyaphon Paichit, Yupaporn Areepong, Saowanit Sukparungsee 62-73
Mathematical Model for Investment in Gold Market: a Real Option Approach PDF
Wareewan Wisedsing, Walailuck Chavanasporn 74-84
Application of Collaborative Management System for Virtualized Platform PDF
WANG Yajun, SHI Junli, ZHOU SMaojun 85-91
Estimation in an Exponentiated Half Logistic Distribution under Type-II Hybrid Censoring PDF
Suk-Bok Kang, Eun-Hwa Choi, Hwa-Jung Lee 92-101
A Compound Poisson Risk Model of a Loss-Sensitive Insurance PDF
Lester Charles A. Umali, Jose Maria L. Escaner IV 102-111
A note on section and slice for a hereditary algebra PDF
Fang Li, Yichao Yang 112-119
Spatial variation anddisparity of ecosystem service in Hangzhou metropolitan area PDF
M. Y. Gan, J. S. Deng, K. Wang 120-133
A Projection Algorithm for Solving the Split Variational Inequality Problem PDF
Biao Qu, Na Zheng, Binghua Liu 134-143
Multiplicative block preconditioner for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations PDF
Zhuo-Hong Huang 144-152
Maximum additively weighted Harary index of graphs with given connectivity or matching number PDF
Saihua Liu, Jianping Qu, Youchuang Lin 153-157
Application of Grey System Theory for Evaluation Research of Interior Design of Living Space PDF
Ren Qiugang 158-165
A Comparative Study of Higher Order Effects on the Boundary Layer Flow of a Dilatant Fluid: Flow Near a Stagnation Point PDF
Nirmal C. Sacheti, Pallath Chandran, Rameshwar P. Jaju 166-177