2007 September, Volume 10, Number S07

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Special Issue-4 on Leonhard Paul Euler’s: Differential Equations and Inequalities (Guest Editor-in-Chief: Professor John Michael Rassias)

Table of Contents


PREFACE: Special Issue on Leonhard Paul Euler’s: Differential Equations and Inequalities PDF
J. M. Rassias 6-7
Some aspects of free convection in electrically conducting fluids: Flow near vertical plates PDF
Pallath Chandran, Nirmal C. Sacheti, Ashok K. Singh 8-24
Functions and Distributions in Spaces with Thick Points PDF
Ricardo Estrada, Stephen A. Fulling 25-37
A Slope-Bounding Procedure for Mass-Minimizing Currents PDF
Harold R. Parks 38-49
Strong Stability of Operator-Differential Equations PDF
Bosko S. Jovanovic, Peter P. Matus 50-69
Mathematical Modeling of Wind Forces PDF
Daniel N. Riahi 70-80
Mathematical Modeling of Flow Control Using Magnetic Fluid and Field PDF
Pratik Bhattacharjee, Daniel N. Riahi 81-97
Separation of Variables Solution of PDE via Sinc Methods PDF
Frank Stenger 98-115
Fourier Type Analysis and Applications to Quantum Mechanics PDF
Shuji Watanabe 116-131