2007 December , Volume 12, Number D07

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Special Issue-6 on Leonhard Paul Euler’s: Dynamical Systems and Integro-Differential Equations (Guest Editor-in-Chief: Professor John Michael Rassias)

Table of Contents


PREFACE: Special Issue on Leonhard Paul Euler’s: Differential Equations and Inequalities PDF
J. M. Rassias 5-6
Organising Centres in the Semi-global Analysis of Dynamical Systems PDF
H. W. Broer, V. Naudot, R. Roussarie, K. Saleh, F.O.O. Wagener 7-36
The existence and the uniqueness of solutions to nonlinear functional-differential and integral equations PDF
Dariusz Bugajewski 37-54
Real-Time Optimal Control of Dynamical Systems PDF
Rafail Gabasov, Natalia V. Balashevich, Faina M. Kirillova 55-75
Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Linear Singular Integral Equations PDF
H. Itou, S. Saitoh 76-89
A Hyperchaotic Complex Chen System and its Dynamics PDF
Gamal M. Mahmoud, Emad E. Mahmoud, Mansour E. Ahmed 90-100
Integro-Differential Equations with Variational Derivatives Generated by Nonlinear Random Partial Integral Equations PDF
Iouri V. Romanovski, Leonid. A. Yanovich 101-111
Inequalities for Linear Positive Operators PDF
Gancho Tachev 112-122
Strong Convergence Theorems for a Finite Family of Nonexpansive Mappings with Their Applications PDF
Haiyun Zhou, J. Cho, Li Wei 123-134