2017, Volume 56, Issue Number: 4

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Table of Contents


On the Estimation of Mean Remaining Activity Duration for an Ongoing Project Activity in PERT PDF
Edward Y. H. Lin, Shiao-Yen Tang, Edison J. W. Lin, Ka-Yin Chau 1-20
Reliable estimation of capital requirement for banking sector using peak over threshold approach PDF
F. Badaoui, A. Amar, C. G. Okou, A. Zoglat, S. El Adlouni 21-37
Simultaneous Approximation of Order m by Artificial Neural Network PDF
Hawraa Abbas Almurieb 38-44
The Mapping of Incidence of Dengue Fever in Palembang: A Multinomial Regression Aprroach PDF
Yulia Resti, Noriszura Ismail, Marieska Verawaty 45-53
A Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Fiscal Policies on Employment in Iran PDF
Sara Rezaqolipurnajafzadeh, Marjan Damankeshideh, Alireza Daghighiasli 54-62
Depth and Stanley Depth of Edge Ideals of Star Graphs PDF
A. Alipour, A. Tehranian 63-69
Change Point Detection in Autoregressive Time Series Model with Trend PDF
A. Jafari, M. Yarmohammadi, A. Rasekhi 70-80
A New Method to Solve 4 Multi Objective Linear Programming with 3 Variables in Fuzzy Environment PDF
M.A. Abd Elmegeed, A.A.M. Salama, N. F. Elsayed 81-91
Comparing D_(p,q)-distance and Fuzzy Bootstrap with Defuzzification Techniques in control chart of Fuzzy mean PDF
A. Shabani, Gh. Yari, E. Baloui Jamkhaneh 92-106
A Structure of MRK-Algebras PDF
Suphawat Asawasamrit, Chakrit Kongmee 107-116
A Reduct Part of Relation Algebra and the Lattice of Deductive Systems PDF
Bahareh Ebrahimi, Esfandiar Eslami, Lida Torkzadeh 117-129
n-Abelian and μ_m Complete n-Abelian Hypergroups PDF
M‎. ‎M‎. ‎Sadeghi, A. ‎Hassankhani, B. ‎Davvaz 130-141
Factors Affecting Student Test Score using Logistic Regression PDF
Hussein Eledum, Elsiddig Idriss Mohamed Idriss 142-152
Well-posedness and decay of solutions to Bresse system with internal distributed delay PDF
L. Bouzettouta, S. Zitouni, Kh. Zennir, H. Sissaoui 153-168
Alternative Estimators in Logit Model in The Presence of Multicollinearity and Heteroscedasticity with A Stochastic Linear Restricted PDF
Saja Mohammad Hussein 169-181
Horner-Muller’s Method for Solving Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Polynomials PDF
Nurhakimah Ab.Rahman, Lazim Abdullah, Ahmad Termimi Ab Ghani, Noor’Ani Ahmad 182-192