2003, Volume 1, Number D03

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Table of Contents


Conditions Ensuring that the Space of k-Lipschitz Maps is Homeomorphic to the Hilbert Cube PDF
Yangeng Wang, Guo Wei, L. Rui 1-10
Dependencies of Maturation Delay and Death Rate on a Stage Structured Predator- Prey Model PDF
T. Adeniran, R. O. Ayeni 11-15
A Note on the MLS Method PDF
Răzvan Răducanu 16-23
Integrated Attenuation Relations for Indian Strong Motion Data PDF
Tanuja Srivastava, Abha Mittal 24-33
Low Moments of Symmetric Variables PDF
Hydar Ali 34-38
A New approach to the performance analysis of the M/M/c retrial queueing systems PDF
Kasturi Ramanath, P. Lakshmi 39-49