March 2008, Volume 13, Number M08

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Table of Contents


Redesigning Decision Matrix Method with an indeterminacy-based inference process PDF
Jose L. Salmerona, Florentin Smarandache 4-11
On an abstract Euler-Poisson-Darboux type equations PDF
A. Chaoui, A. Guezane-Lakoud 12-22
Existence and uniqueness of solution to a nonlinear dead-oil model resulting from oil engineering PDF
Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi 22-33
Developing Flow Near a Semi-Infinite Vertical Wall with Ramped Temperature PDF
Ashok K. Singh, Nirmal C. Sacheti, Pallath Chandran 34-45
Distribution of The Product of Independent Hypergeometric Function Type I Variables PDF
Daya K. Nagar, Jose Angel Alvarez 46-56
Solution of linear twelfth-order boundary value problems by using differential transform method PDF
Vedat Suat Erturk 57-63
Outlier Robust Designs PDF
Ahmed F. Siddiqi 64-77
Admissibility of the Pitman Estimator of Ordered Location Parameters PDF
Somesh Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Tanuja Srivastava 78-85