2018, Volume 57, Issue Number: 4

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Table of Contents


Variable Selection by Using a Genetic Algorithm for Regression Model PDF
A. Yiğiter, M. Çetin 1-9
Classification Technique for Linear Discriminate Analysis For Civil Engineering students as per their Specialization PDF
Sadoon Abdullah Al-Obaidy, Bilal N. Al-Hasanat 10-25
Mathematical Modeling and Analyzing of Transmission Dynamics of Influenza with Carrier PDF
S. C. Paul, M. A. Haque, M. A. Islam, A. K. Chakraborty 26-40
Mass Spectrometric Study of Energy Distributions of Sputtered Copper Monomer under Low Energy Ar+ Ions Bombardments PDF
Hikmat A. Hamad, Haitham M. Farok 41-56
A Note on a Three-Stage Sequential Confidence Interval for the Mean When the Underlying Distribution Departs Away from Normality PDF
Ali Yousef 57-69
Stability and Density Analysis of a Monoclonal Population Growth with Piecewise Constant Arguments PDF
F. Bozkurt 70-79
Robust Nonparametric Inference for the Multivariate Trimmed Mean PDF
Makhtar Sarr 80-94
Efficient computation of the optimal strikes in the comonotonic upper bound for an arithmetic Asian option PDF
Xianming Sun, Jan Dhaene, Michèle Vanmaele 95-106
Analytic structures of unitary RSOS models with integrable boundary conditions PDF
Omar El Deeb 107-116
Comparison between two meshless methods for the Rosenau-Kawahara equation PDF
Murat Arı, Bahar Karaman, Yılmaz Dereli 117-124
The Division by Zero z=0 = 0 and Differential Equations (materials) PDF
Haydar Akca, Sandra Pinelas, Saburou Saitoh 125-145
A Front Tracking Method for the Solution of a free boundary value problem of a moving fluid underground PDF
Abdelwahab Kharab 146-151
Some Interesting Code Sets of the Sierpinski Triangle Equipped with the Intrinsic Metric PDF
Mustafa Saltan 152-160
The Legendre wavelets method for approximate solution of fractional differential-algebraic equations PDF
Mesut Karabacak, Muhammed Yiğider 161-173
Research on Data Driven Model for the Ultimate Load Prediction of Thin-Walled Steel Perforated Sections and Its Application PDF
Zhi-Jun Lyu, Xi Huang 174-182