March 2009, Volume 14, Number M09

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Table of Contents


Measure of Proportional Reduction in Variation and Measure of Agreement for Contingency Tables with Ordered Categories PDF
Kouji Yamamoto, Sadao Tomizawa 3-23
On a result of L.-C. Kappe and M. Newell PDF
Francesco Russo 24-29
An Extremal Problem on Potentially Kr+1 (kP2 C tK2)-graphic Sequences PDF
Chunhui Lai, Yuzhen Sun 30-36
Thermoelastic analysis of a hollow cylinder subjected to a partially distributed heat supply PDF
V. Varghese, N.W. Khobragade 37-52
Relaxed optimality conditions for mu-differentiable functions PDF
Ricardo Almeida, Delfim F.M. Torres 53-66
Displacement Potential Approach for the Solution of 3-D Body of Orthotropic Composite Materials PDF
S K Deb Nath 67-77
Parameter estimation for the modified Weibull distribution based on grouped and censored data PDF
Ibrahim A. Al-Wasel 78-87
Dynamics of EXPAR Models for High Frequency Data PDF
M. A. Ghazal, A. Elhassanein 88-96
Exact Linearization and Invariant Solutions of a Generalized Burgers Equation with Variable Viscosity PDF
B. Mayil Vaganan, M. Senthilkumaran 97-105
A Study on the Fibonacci p-Numbers PDF
Serpil Halici 106-111