2019, Volume 58, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


Order-homomorphism and Extension of Consistently Connected Continuous Domains PDF
Dongming Liu, Guanghao Jiang 1-11
Regional Redistribution and Stabilization in Vietnam: The Role of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer PDF
P. M. H. Pham, L. V. Do, D. T. Lo 12-27
A Queuing Model with Heterogeneous Servers for Specific Service on Health Sector PDF
Manish Kumar Pandey, D. K. Gangeshwer 28-35
Some Comments on the Performance of Information Ratios for Assessing Numbers of Components in Finite Mixtures PDF
Athanase Polymenis 36-43
Canonical Correlation and Regression Analyses of Globular Clusters in Milky Way Galaxy PDF
Sushovon Jana, Chandranath Pal 44-61
PPF Dependence Fixed Point for Hybrid Rational and Suzuki-Edelstein Contractions in Stochastic Case with an Application PDF
H. A. Hammad, R. A. Rashwan 62-80
Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policy on Economic Growth in Vietnam PDF
Nguyen T.H., P.H. Ngo, T.V. Bui, V.S. Mai 81-97
Statistical Search for The Global Extremum in The Criterion Space PDF
V.M. Balyk, A.A. Malenkov 98-108
Analysis of Dhaka Stock Market Data for Explaining the Stock Market Behavior: Before and After 2010 Market Fall PDF
F. M. Arifur Rahman, Md. Mahfuzur Rahman 109-126
Some Aspects of the Odd Log-Logistic Burr X Distribution with Applications in Reliability Data Modeling PDF
Rana Muhammad Usman, Laba Handique, Subrata Chakraborty 127-147