September 2009, Volume 14, Number S09

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Table of Contents


Asymptotic Analysis of Stochastic Dynamic Games in Discrete Time with Many Players PDF
John P. Curran 1-19
On L(h; k)-labelings of a Type of Cartesian Products of Graphs PDF
Y. Feng, S. Li, X. Li 20-36
The Euler Theorem and Dupin Indicatrix for Surfaces at a Constant Distance from Edge of Regression on a Surface PDF
Nesip Aktan, Erdal Ozusaglam, Ali Gorgulu 37-42
A new iterative algorithm on nonlinear mappings in Banach spaces PDF
Shenghua Wang, Baohua Guo 43-55
Lower Bound of Bayesian Estimation Error in Uniform Distribution PDF
Yu Seon Jang, Sung Lai Kim 56-65
Selection of Single Sampling Plan Through Decision Region PDF
K.K. Suresh, P.R. Divya 66-78
Asymptotic Estimation of Finite Horizon Ruin Probability for Random Walks with Heavy Tailed Increments ThroughCorrected Diffusion Approximations PDF
Yingdong Lu 79-85
Bounds on Approximating the Yule Distribution by the Poisson and Geometric Distributions PDF
K. Teerapabolarn 86-93
Generalized Quadratic Hazard Rate Distribution PDF
Ammar M. Sarhan 94-106
Four Equivalent Propositions Related to the Theory of Super-variable Function PDF
Di-chen YU 107-128