December 2009, Volume 15, Number D09

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Table of Contents


On the Hyers–Ulam–Rassias stability of functional equations in quasi–Banach spaces PDF
G. Z. Eskandani, H. Vaezi, F. Moradlou 1-15
Estimating the Mean of a Lognormal Population under Restrictions PDF
Yogesh Mani Tripathi, Somesh Kumar, Tanuja Srivastava 16-31
Joint spectral characterizations of primeness for C*-algebras PDF
Jin Shuilin, Zhang Min 32-36
On Branched Coverings PDF
Keerti Vardhan Madahar 37-46
Semiparametric Estimation of the Modified Random Coefficient Autoregressive Model and it’s Properties PDF
Pradosh Simlai 47-62
On construction, classification and evaluation of certain two level non-isomorphic orthogonal arrays PDF
P. Angelopoulos, C. Koukouvinos, E. Lappas 63-72
On Permutable and Mutually Permutable Fuzzy Groups PDF
Hassan Naraghi 73-78
Analytic solution of Murray equation by means of Adomian decomposition method PDF
Ibrahim A. Abdallah 79-88
An Application of Lacunary Summability Method to n-Norm PDF
Hemen Dutta 89-97
On Extended Generalized Gamma Distribution PDF
Bachioua Lahcene 98-110