2019, Volume 58, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


On the local linear modelization of the nonparametric robust regression for functional time series data PDF
Souheyla Chemikh, Faiza Belarbi, Ali Laksaci 1-20
A Structural and Parametric Synthesis Method for Type-Optimal Multipurpose System of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Sensing Tropical Cyclones PDF
N.Q. Thuong, P.T Dong, N.T. Long 21-34
Clustering and Classification of Kepler's Confirmed Exoplanets Based on Mixture Models PDF
Sushovon Jana, Chandranath Pal 35-51
Half-Sweep Arithmetic Mean Method for Solving 2D Elliptic Equation PDF
Azali Saudi, Jumat Sulaiman 52-59
Applied Individual Investment Risk Measurement Method to Forecast Expected Return Rate PDF
Doan Van Dinh 60-72
Explicit Solutions of the Whittaker Equation via Discrete Fractional Calculus Operator PDF
Resat Yilmazer, Okkes Ozturk 73-81
On Biprojectivity and Biflatness of Banach Algebras PDF
M. Ghorbani, H. Rahimi 82-89
On Generating T-X Family of Pareto-Exponential Distribution with Properties and Applications PDF
Noor Waseem, Shakila Bashir 90-106
Combined Influence of Thermal Diffusion and Diffusion Thermo on Radiating and Rotating Laminar Flow in Presence of Magnetic Field and Jeffrey Fluid Through Finite Element Solutions PDF
NVN Babu, G. Murali, S.M. Bhati 107-132