June 2010, Volume 17 (Special), Number J10

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Table of Contents


Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Conditional Possibility between Two Consecutive Ordered Data PDF
K. Arzideh 1-8
Application of Stochastic Differential Equation to Study the Dynamics and Statistical Aspects of a Diatomic Molecule PDF
Nitin Sharma, Madhvi Shakya 9-17
Performance analysis of a Geo^[X] / ^GH/1 retrial queue with an unreliable server PDF
Abdel-Karim Aboul-Hassan, Sherif Rabia, Ahmed Al-Mujahid 18-36
Exponentiated Weibull Model For Analyzing Bathtub Failure – Rate Data PDF
S. Shunmugapriya, S. Lakshmi 37-43
Generalized Dynamic Systems Solution by Decomposed Physical Reactions PDF
Shantanu Das 44-76
Empirical Bayes Approach to Estimate Mean CGPA of University Graduates PDF
Rotimi. K. Ogundeji, Ray.O Okafor 77-89
Construction of Double Sampling Plan Using Convex Combination of AOQL and MAAOQ PDF
R. Radhakrishnan, M. Mallika 90-95
Study of Earthquake Forecast through Hazard Rate Analysis PDF
N. Sunusi, S. Darwis, W. Triyoso, I.W. Mangku 96-103
An Inventory Model for Repairable Items with a Declining Demand PDF
Rajani Ballav Dash, Kaibalya Rout 104-115
A Mathematical Model of Surface Waves in a System of Two Porous Layers PDF
L. H. Wiryanto, W. Djohan 116-124