2011, Volume 21, Number J11

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Table of Contents


Asymptotic distribution of least squares estimators for purely unstable ARMAX (p,s,q) process PDF
Brahim BENAID 1-14
Approximate analytical solutions for the time-dependent Wave-type equations by Variational Homotopy Perturbation Method PDF
M. Matinfar, M. Mahdavi 15-24
The Novel Sufficient Condition for Stability of Discrete-Time Control System of Neural Networks PDF
K. Ratchagit, VU N. Phat, P. Niamsup 25-32
Construction and Selection of One Plan Suspension System with Consumer Quality Levels PDF
K. K. Suresh, V. Sangeetha 33-41
Quasi-doubly periodic solutions of the modified Ben-Jamin-Bona-Mahony equation PDF
E. A-B. Abdel-Salam, Z. I. A. Al-Muhiameed 42-51
Characterization of continuous distributions through conditional expectation of function of generalized order statistics-an alternative approach PDF
A. H. Khan, M. J. S. Khan 52-59
A comparative study of two-dimensional natural convection in an isotropic porous medium PDF
Pallath Chandran, Nirmal C. Sacheti, Ashok K. Singh 60-74
Application of homotopy analysis method to functional integral equations PDF
M. Matinfar, M. Saeidy 75-81
A Finite Element Approximation of the 2-Dimensional Burgers’ Equation PDF
Adel N. Boules, Anuradha Priyadarshani 82-95
Mixed Distributions for Loss Severity Modelling with zeros in the Operational Risk losses PDF
S. El Adlouni, E. Ezzahid, Y. Mouatassim 96-109
On a characterization of a q-analogue of the gamma function PDF
Ken Kamano 110-117
Non-parametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Cure Fraction for Interval Survival Data PDF
Bader A.I. Aljawadi, Mohd Rizam A. Bakar, Noor Akma Ibrahim 118-130
Fractional Stochastic Modeling for Random Dynamic Delays in Computer Control System PDF
Shantanu Das 131-140
Invariance of Rank and Nullity for the Linear Combination of m(≥ 3)-scalar-idempotent Matrices PDF
Meixiang Chen, Zhongpeng Yang, Xiaoxi Feng 141-147