2012, Volume 29 Issue Number: 5

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Table of Contents


Computing the norm of a composition operator PDF
Hamid Vaezi, Leila Rahimi 1-5
Frequency and Time Domain Solution for Dynamic Systems having Differential Equations of Continuous Order PDF
Shantanu Das 6-16
Statistical Inference in high dimensional DEA model PDF
G. L. C. Yap, W. R. Ismail, Z. Isa 17-33
Shape Preserving Constrained data Visualization using Spline Functions PDF
Muhammad Abbas, Ahmad Abd Majid, Jamaludin Md. Ali 34-50
The q-Deformed Hyperbolic Secant Family PDF
Attitude Stabilization of the Tri-axial Satellites using Active Magnetic Control PDF
F. A. Abd El-Salam 63-75
A Polynomial time Algorithm for 2-layer Channel Routing Problem PDF
Xianya Geng 76-83
Adapted Quadratic Approximation for Singular Integrals Equations PDF
Mostefa NADIR 84-89
The Algorithm and Application Based on Graphs for the Symmetrical Routing PDF
Zhenghua Xu 90-100
Half-Sweep Iterative Method for Solving Two-Dimensional Helmholtz Equations PDF
M.K.M Akhir, M. Othman, J. Sulaiman, Z.A Majid, M. Suleiman 101-109
Statistical Test for Multivariate Geographically Weighted Regression Model Using the Method of Maximum Likelihood Ratio Test PDF
Sri Harini, Purhadi, M. Mashuri, S. Sunaryo 110-115
Modified Line Search Strategy and Its Applications in the Newton Method PDF
Zhong Wan, Xiaodong Zheng, Yunyun Fei, Songhai Deng 116-125