2012, Volume 30 Issue Number: 6

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Table of Contents


Similarity Solutions for Unsteady Laminar Natural Convection Boundary Layer Flow Around a Vertical Heated Curvilinear Surface PDF
Ali M. Yeakub, Hossain M. M. Touhid 1-15
T-Roughness in Semi-Lattices PDF
S. B. Hosseini, E. Hosseinpour 16-26
Around Convex Ordering and Comonotonicity PDF
Halim Zeghdoudi, Mohamed Riad Remita 27-36
Diffusion in a Class of Fractal Sets PDF
Dhurjati Prasad Datta, Santanu Raut, Anuja Ray Chaudhuri 37-50
Generalized Fractional Two Body Problem PDF
F. A. Abd El-Salam 51-59
A New Octo-Sweep Iterative Method for Solving Two-Dimensional Elliptic Equations PDF
M.K.M Akhir, M. Othman, M. Suleiman, J. Sulaiman 60-71
The placement model and its nonlinear placement solver for VLSI global placement PDF
Jianli Chen, Xiuhua Chen, Wenxing Zhu 72-79
Regularity Analysis for Nonlinear Terminal Optimal Control Problems Subject to State Constraints PDF
M. H. Imanov 80-92
Number of Spanning Trees of Some Circulant Graphs and Their Asymptotic Behavior PDF
A. Elsonbaty, S. N. Daoud, H. Al-Ahmady 93-102
On Contra- Gamma-I- Continuous Functions and Related Topics PDF
A. I. EL-MAGHRABI 103-113