2012, Volume 27, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


Note on the Unbiased Estimation of a Function of the Parameter of the Geometric Distribution PDF
Tamás Lengyel 1-7
Mathematical Modelling for Claim Severities using Normal and t Copulas PDF
Y. Resti, N. Ismail, S. H. Jaaman 8-19
Unsteady Flow of a Dusty Fluid Through Porous Media between Annulus of Two Hexagonal Channels PDF
B. J. Gireesha, K. R. Madhura, C. S. Bagewadi 20-38
A Unified Approach for Designing a Cellular Manufacturing System by Specifying Number of Cells PDF
A. M. Mukattash, K. K. Tahboub, R. H. Fouad, A. A. Al-Bashir 39-48
Option Pricing Formula for Stock Model PDF
Zhigang Wang, Yigui Ou, Baiguang Cai 49-55
A Numerical Model Studying the Unsteady - State Dispersion of Buoyant and Non - Buoyant Air Pollutants in the Atmosphere Under the Effects of Wet and Dry Deposition PDF
Manju Agarwal, Abhinav Tandon 56-79
Global Analysis of Tumors and Drugs Model PDF
S. A. A. El-Marouf, A. A. O. Al-Ahmady 80-101
An Ant Algorithm for the Sum Coloring Problem PDF
Sidi Mohamed Douiri, Souad El Bernoussi 102-110
Convergence in law of sequences of stochastic integrals relative to weighted sums of a L^2-mixing process and Application to IGARCH models PDF
Brahim BENAID 111-123
The Problem of Functions’ Fuzzy Interpolation Within Formal Theory PDF
A. Karimov, U. Rzayeva 124-133