2013, Volume 34, Issue Number: 4

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Table of Contents


On the Simpson-like type inequalities for differentiable (α;m)-convex mappings PDF
Jaekeun Park 1-9
The characterization of tangent bicycle graph with nullity one PDF
Yuehui Chen, Juan Liang, Dongxu Zhu 10-19
An Analytical of Average Run Length for First Order of Autoregressive Observations on CUSUM Procedure PDF
J. Busaba, S. Sukparungsee, Y. Areepong 20-29
Inventory-Production Control Systems with Gumbel Distributed Deterioration PDF
Md. Azizul Baten, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil, Habibah Lateh, Yunus Ahmed Khan 30-51
Some companions of perturbed Ostrowski type inequalities for functions whose second derivatives are bounded and applications in numerical integration PDF
Wenjun Liu, Yiting Zhu 52-59
Optimal Control Problems for Elliptic Systems with Control Constraints and Infinite Number of Variables PDF
G. M. Bahaa, Fatemah El-Shatery 60-72
State Time-delay Feedback Robust H_inf. Control for T–S Fuzzy Time-delay Systems with Parameter Uncertainties PDF
Han-Liang Huang 73-82
Robust Wavelet Regression with Randomly Missing Data PDF
Alsaidi M. Altaher, Mohd Tahir Ismail 83-95
Exponential synchronization of chaotic delayed neural networks on time scales PDF
Meng Hu, Lili Wang 96-103
Some Structures of (L;bigodot)-Smooth topological spaces PDF
M.A. Abdel-Sattar 104-117
The Study of Decomposing Portfolio Value-at-Risk Based on Non-normal Distribution PDF
Xinlin Wu 118-127