2013, Volume 32, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Kernel Inverse Regression for random fields PDF
Jean-Michel Loubes, Anne-Françoise Yao 1-26
Bayesian Test Procedure of Lifetime Performance Index for Exponential Distribution under Progressive Type-II Censoring PDF
M. F. Liu, H. P. Ren 27-38
Conditional Retraction of Some Curves In Minkowski 3-Space PDF
A.E. El-Ahmady, E. AL-Hesiny 39-47
Some Bounds of Information Divergence Measures In Terms of Relative Arithmetic-Geometric Divergence PDF
K.C. Jain, Ram Naresh Saraswat 48-58
Rank equalities for commutator of generalized quadratic matrices and their applications PDF
Hongbin Lv, Zhongpeng Yang, Meixiang Chen 59-67
Geodesic and Lense-Thirring Precessions Effects on the Near Earth Artificial Satellites PDF
M. Radwan, F. A. Abd El-Salam, S. E. Abd El-Bar 68-76
Complexity of Some Special named Graphs and Chebyshev polynomials PDF
S. N. Daoud 77-84
Bayesian Estimation and Prediction from Rayleigh distribution based on Generalized Order Statistics PDF
M. E. Moshref, S. M. El-Arishy, R. F. Khalil 85-92
Generalizations of Simpson-like type inequalities for twice differentiable s-convex mappings PDF
Jaekeun Park 93-102
Berry-Esséen bound of local least square estimator in a varying coefficient model PDF
Ning Dong, Bo Yu, Zhiqiang Wen 103-110
The Probability That an Element of a Group Fixes a Set and the Group Act on Set by Conjugation PDF
S. M. S. Omer, N. H. Sarmin, A. Erfanian, K. Moradipour 111-117