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2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 22 Weighted Image Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Adaptive Sampling Rate Abstract
Qiang Fan, Dongjian He
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 24 Weld Defect Recognition Technology Using RBF Neural Network Abstract
Peng Wang, Jing Wang, Zhigang Lv, Weidong Du
2013, Volume 49, Issue Number: 19 Welding Deformation Simulation and Controlling for the Truck Rack Girder Based on HyperMesh and ANSYS Abstract
Shuang Zhang, Jingang Gao, Yuzhuo Men, Hua Wang, Ximin Liu, Dayu Yang
2017, Volume 56, Issue Number: 4 Well-posedness and decay of solutions to Bresse system with internal distributed delay Abstract
L. Bouzettouta, S. Zitouni, Kh. Zennir, H. Sissaoui
2013, Volume 38, Issue Number: 8 When The Hypothesis Is Invalidated, Does It Matter? A New Approach To Hierarchical Multiple Regression Analysis Abstract
Han-Chao Chang, Chung-Lin Tsai
2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 21 Wiener Indices in Two Types of Random Polygonal Chains Abstract
Hongyong Wang, Zhenghua Xu, Qin Jiang
2013, Volume 48, Issue Number: 18 Wind Speed Forecasting Based on Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization Support Vector Machine Abstract
Yuhong Zhao, Xuecheng Zhao, Heping Hu
2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 8 y-Wiener index of some graph operations Abstract
Saihua Liu, Jianping Ou, Youchuang Lin
2013, Volume 46, Issue Number: 16 Zero Dissipative Fourth-order Explicit Hybrid Methods for Solving Second-order Ordinary Differential Equations Abstract
F. Samat, N. Ahmat, N. A. Z. Noar, M. Suleiman
2007 November, Volume 11, Number N07 Zeroes of L-series in characteristic p Abstract
David Goss
2016, Volume 55, Issue Number: 2 Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial model to Overcome Excess Zeros Count in Motorcycles Road Accident Abstract
M.S. Sapuan, A.M. Razali, Z.H. Zamzuri
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