Fall 2010, Volume 19, Number F10

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Table of Contents


Testing for Hypothetical Bias in a Choice Experiment Using a Local Public Good: Riparian Forest Restoration PDF
Craig D. Broadbent, Jake B. Grandy, Robert P. Berrens 1-19
Valuation of Urban Environmental Amenities: A Case Study PDF
Vijaya Gupta, G. Mythili 20-31
Estimating Gompertz Growth Curves from Marine Mammal Strandings in the Presence of Missing Data PDF
M. E. Shotwell, W. McFee, E. H. Slate 32-46
Static Deformation Due To Non-Uniform Slip Along A Very Long Vertical Strike-Slip Geological Fault in Two-Phase Medium PDF
Shamta Chugh, Dinesh Kumar Madan, Kuldip Singh 47-65
Inter-comparison of Active Fire Locations from a Biomass Burning Event in Equatorial Southeast Asia PDF
Mastura Mahmud 66-82
Avian Foraging Pattern in the Oak Forest of in Central Himalaya: An Ecological Conservation Approach PDF
Aisha Sultana, M. Shah Hussain 83-102
Effect of Head Build-Up and Seepage on the Water Table Fluctuation in a Semi-Confined Aquifer PDF
Surjeet Singh, H. S. Chauhan, N. C. Ghosh 103-112