2014, Volume: 34, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


Optimal control of a dynamic system of a fish population PDF
Younes Louartassi, Noureddine Elalami, Said Amhoud, Jamila Elalami 1-9
An Econometric Study of Co2 Emissions, Economic Growth, and Openness of India PDF
Narendra Nath Dalei 10-19
Intra-Industry Spillover Effects of ISO 14001 Adoption in Japan PDF
Takuro Miyamoto, Shunsuke Managi 20-36
Over/Under Dispersion Sometimes Necessitates Modifying Poisson Model with Illustration of Tetanus Cases and Deaths after Tsunami PDF
Ramalingam Shanmugam 37-42
Dynamical Response of an Eco-epidemiological Model System PDF
Shambo Shekhar Ghosh, Santabrata Chakravarty 43-71
Factors Affecting Household Perception of Wetland Biodiversity Conservation in West Bengal, India PDF
S. Das, B. Behera, A. Mishra 72-82
Determinants of Choice of Cane Furniture as Household Commodity among the Elites PDF
Edward D. Wiafe, Martin Amoah, Francis Bih 83-92
New Stability Conditions for Switched Uncertain T-S fuzzy Systems with Two Additive Time Varying Delays PDF
Fatima Ahmida, El Houssaine Tissir 93-103