2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


Management of Innovation and Investment Development of Agricultural Economy of Ukraine in the Context of Globalization and Sustainable Development PDF
M.O. Sokolov, A.M. Mykhailov, N.V. Stoyanets, A.O. Klymchuk 1-15
Dynamical behavior of an SIR model with nonlinear incidence and saturated treatment rate PDF
Anupam Khatua, Tapan Kumar Kar 16-31
Evaluation of Tri Hita Karana Implementation in the Subak System as a World Culture Heritage PDF
I K Suamba, K. Windia, G M K Arisena, Sumiyati, I W Tika 32-37
A Prey-Predator Model with Marine Reserve PDF
Uttam Das 38-49
Ratio-Dependent Predator-Prey Model with Qiwu's Growth for Prey PDF
Nijamuddin Ali, Krishnendu Sarkar, Lakshmi Narayan Guin 50-58
Urbanization, Industrial Development and Environmental Externalities: Discussing the Impact of Economic Cycles on a Local Community PDF
A. Mavrakis, I. Zambon, L. Salvati, I. Tsiros, C. Papavasileiou 59-74
Amensalism Model: A Mathematical Study PDF
Papa Rao. A.V., Lakshmi Narayan K., Kondala Rao. K. 75-87
Production Costs Decreasing by Introduction of Energy-Efficient Technologies within The Enterprise’s Counter-Crisis Management Strategy PDF
O. О. Kotenko, M. D. Domashenko, V. Yu. Shkola 88-97
The Study of Intestinal Infectious Diseases in India: Application of Exponential Probability Distribution. PDF
Huchesh.H. Budihal, M. N. Megeri 98-105