2014, Volume 15, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


Generalized Efficiency Conditions for Multiobjective Fractional Programming Based on Higher Order Invexity Frameworks PDF
Ram U. Verma 1-15
Minimal solution of BSDEs driven by continuous local martingales under non-Lipschitz condition PDF
Shiyu Li, Wenxue Li, Wujun Gao 16-22
M/M/1 machine repairmanproblem withbulk-repair using general bulk service rule PDF
A. Banerjee, U. C. Gupta 23-33
Jump Performance Prediction Model Based On BP Neural Network PDF
Bing Zhang, Weiqi Jiang 34-39
Coincidence and common fixed point theorem for a sequence of partially weakly increasing mapping in ordered G-metric spaces PDF
S. H. Rasouli, M. H. Malekshah 40-54
Transient Analysis of Single Server queueing system with Vacation Interruptions PDF
Muthu Ganapathi Subramanian, Ayyappan, Gopal sekar 55-64
Empirical bayes analysis for the parameter of truncation distribution under Ø-mixing Samples PDF
Juan Huang 65-72
On the Use of Two Auxiliary Variables to Improve the Precision of Estimate in Two-Occasion Successive Sampling PDF
A. Bandyopadhyay, G. N. Singh 73-88
Estimating Scale Parameter of an Exponential Population under Linex Loss Function based on Records PDF
Suchandan Kayal 89-95
New class of weighted third-order methods without second derivative to solve nonlinear equations PDF
Mohammed ZIANI 96-103
A Comprehensive Evaluation of M-estimators for Linear Regression Model PDF
V. Yildirim, K. M. Kantar 104-138