2018, Volume 19, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Class of Estimators for Effective Estimation of Population Mean in Two-Phase sampling PDF
G. N. Singh, Amod Kumar, Gajendra K. Vishwakarma 1-13
On Zero-Truncated Quasi Poisson-Lindley Distribution and Its Applications PDF
Rama Shanker, Kamlesh Kumar Shukla 14-25
Estimation of Population Mean Using Imputation Techniques in Sample Survey Under Two-Phase Sampling Scheme PDF
Krishnajyothi Nath, B.K. Singh 26-46
Compound of Discrete Pareto and Beta distributions as a new Count Data Model PDF
Afaq Ahmad, Bilal Para 47-58
Nonparametric regression estimation using recursive kernel for dependent censored data PDF
Amiri Aboubacar, Salah Khardani 59-82
Method of Generating a Random Permutation and study of Associated Random Variables PDF
K. S. Bhanu, Mukta N. Deshpande 83-95
Radiation Effects on MHD Convective Flow of a Jeffrey Fluid in A Vertical Porous Channel with Soret Effect PDF
R. Muthuraj, R.K. Selvi 96-111
Moving average model for daily euro index in Europe with genetic algorithms and Comparing it with Box-Jenkins model PDF
R. Rahal 112-122