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2019, Volume 20, Issue Number 1 Transient Analysis of a Single Server Feedback Queue with Balking, Disaster and Retention of Impatient Customers Abstract
R. Sudhesh, A. Azhagappan
2014, Volume 15, Issue Number 1 Transient Analysis of Single Server queueing system with Vacation Interruptions Abstract
Muthu Ganapathi Subramanian, Ayyappan, Gopal sekar
2020, Volume 21, Issue Number 1 Transient Behavior of a Markovian N-Policy Queue with Balking Re-Service and Closedown Time Abstract
A. Azhagappan
2020, Volume 21, Issue Number 2 Transient behavior of a N-policy single server feedback queue with disaster balking and setup time Abstract
A. Azhagappan
2019, Volume 20, Issue Number 2 Transient Behavior of an M or M or 1 or N Queue with Vacation and Waiting Server Abstract
A. Azhagappan, J. Monisha, S. Reshma, Y. Jenifer
Spring 2011, Volume 8, Number S11 Treatment and implementation of architectonical forms Abstract
M. L. Marquez, A. H. Delgado, A. Kouibia, J. C. Olmo
2020, Volume 21, Issue Number 1 Two phase sampling exponential type estimators for population mean using auxiliary attribute in the presence of non-response Abstract
Kamlesh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar
2020, Volume 21, Issue Number 2 Two Server Poisson Queues with a Slow Service Provider for Impatient Customers Abstract
R. Sivasamy
Autumn 2007, Volume 1, Number A07 Univariate 3-channel Wavelet Filter Banks from Centrally Abstract
Junqiao You, Qiuhui Chen, Yi Wang
2016, Volume 17, Issue Number 1 Univariate And Bivariate Burr Type X Distributions Based On Mixtures And Copula Abstract
Mervat K. Abd Elaal, Mahmoud R. Mahmoud, Mervat M. EL-Gohary, Lamya A. Baharith
Autumn 2009, Volume 5, Number A09 Upper Subdifferentials of Marginal Functions in Asplund Spaces Abstract
Khalid Allali
2015, Volume 16, Issue Number 2 Using the modified extended direct algebraic method for complex fractional differential equation Abstract
Nasir Taghizadeh, Mona Najand Foumani
2016, Volume 17, Issue Number 1 U-Statistics for some nonparametric incomplete data models with side information Abstract
Ao Yuan, Ming Xiong, Ming T. Tan
2019, Volume 20, Issue Number 3 Vertex arboricity of planar graphs without 3-cycles adjacent to 6-cycles Abstract
Danjun Huang, Yin Ling, Weifan Wang
2019, Volume 20, Issue Number 1 Weighted Ishita Distribution and its Application to Survival data Abstract
Kamlesh Kumar Shukla, Rama Shanker
2018, Volume 19, Issue Number 3 Zografos–Balakrishnan Burr XII Distribution: Regression Modeling and Applications Abstract
Afaq Altun, Haitham M. Yousof, Subrata Chakraborty, Laba Handique
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