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Spring 2011, Volume 8, Number S11 Modeling of Passive Scalar in a Turbulent Free Jet Under the Coriolis Effect Abstract
2021, Volume 22, Issue Number 2 Modelling Volatility of Bitcoin Prices: Classical or Fractional Integrated GARCH Variants? Abstract
T. Babatunde Oluwagbenga, O. Ojo Oluwadare, S. Yaya OlaOluwa
2021, Volume 22, Issue Number 1 Moderate deviation principles for nonparametric recursive density estimators using Bernstein polynomials Abstract
Yousri Slaoui
2015, Volume 16, Issue Number 2 Moderate deviation principles for recursive regression estimators defined by stochastic approximation method Abstract
Yousri Slaoui
2020, Volume 21, Issue Number 1 Mortality modelling at advanced ages using a nonparametric approach Abstract
Chathuri L. Jayasinghe, Panlop Zeephongsekul
2013, Volume 14, Issue Number 2 Mountain pass solution to a class of nonlinear problems involving the p(x)-Laplacian operator Abstract
S.H. Rasouli, M. Nategh
2018, Volume 19, Issue Number 2 Moving average model for daily euro index in Europe with genetic algorithms and Comparing it with Box-Jenkins model Abstract
R. Rahal
2019, Volume 20, Issue Number 3 Multiple Comparisons of Several Log-normal Means under Heteroscedasticity Abstract
Guoyi Zhang, Bose Falk, Zhongxue Chen
2021, Volume 22, Issue Number 2 Multivariate distribution function estimation using stochastic approximation method Abstract
Sahar Slama, Yousri Slaoui
2012, Volume 12, Issue Number 2 Neighbour Balanced Block Designs for Test Treatments-Control Comparisons Abstract
A. R. Abeynayake, Seema Jaggi, Cini Varghese
2021, Volume 22, Issue Number 1 New Chain Estimators for Finite Population Mean Under Stratified Two-Phase Sampling Abstract
Housila P. Singh, Pragati Nigam
2021, Volume 22, Issue Number 3 Nilpotent values in prime rings with generalized derivation Abstract
Md Hamidur Rahaman
2018, Volume 19, Issue Number 2 Nonparametric regression estimation using recursive kernel for dependent censored data Abstract
Amiri Aboubacar, Salah Khardani
2018, Volume 19, Issue Number 1 Nonparametric Relative Error Regression for Functional Ergodic Data Abstract
Mohammed Bassoudi, Zoulikha Kaid
2012, Volume 11, Issue Number 1 Null Bertrand Curves on Surfaces and their Darboux Frames in Minkowski Space-Time Abstract
H. S. Abdel Aziz, M.Khalifa Saad
Spring 2008, Volume 2, Number S08 Numerical approximation of the thermistor problem Abstract
Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi, Delfim F. M. Torres
Spring 2011, Volume 8, Number S11 Numerical Computations of Pollutant Transport in the Nador Lagoon Abstract
F. Benkhaldoun, S. Daoudi, I. Elmahi, M. Zenasni
Winter 2011, Volume 10, Number W11 Numerical Simulations of Complex Modified KdV Equation using Polynomial Differential Quadrature Method Abstract
Alper Korkmaz, Idris DAG
Autumn 2007, Volume 1, Number A07 Numerical Solution of the Modified Burgers Equation by the Quintic B-spline Galerkin Finite Element Method Abstract
Bulent SAKA, Idris DAG, Dursun IRK
2012, Volume 12, Issue Number 2 On A Subclass of K-Uniformly Convex Functions Associated With Fractional Derivative Operators Abstract
Somia Muftah Amsheri, Valentina Zharkova
2022, Volume 22, Issue Number 1 On Estimation of Finite Population Variance in Double Sampling Using Auxiliary Information Abstract
Tarunpreet Kaur Ahuja, Peeyush Misra
2015, Volume 16, Issue Number 1 On Lagrangians of 3-uniform hypergraphs missing edges in a large clique Abstract
Yanling Zheng
2017, Volume 18, Issue Number 3 On Linear Stability Analysis of Magnetorotatory Triply Diffusive Convection with Viscosity Variations Abstract
Jyoti Prakash, Rajeev Kumar
Autumn 2007, Volume 1, Number A07 On Minkowski and Hardy Integral Inequalities for Generalized Shift Operator Abstract
Autumn 2008, Volume 3, Number A08 On Non-Existence of Lightlike Hypersurfaces of Indefinite Sasakian Space Form Abstract
Nesip Aktan
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