2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Dynamic Pricing for Multiple Products with Consumer Reference Price Effect PDF
S. Kachani, Y. Oumanar, N. Raissi 1-14
Chaotic Time Series Analysis of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging PDF
Zhu-Qing Jiao, Ling Zou, Yin Cao, Zheng-Hua Ma 15-26
PID Control of the Unstable Complex System Based on Particle Swarm Optimizing Algorithm PDF
LI Jia-sheng 27-33
A Goodness-of-fit Test for a Competing Risk Model PDF
N. Seddik-Ameur, S. Chouia 34-41
A note on the Estrada index of unicyclic graphs with even girth PDF
Bo Deng 42-48
A Further Result on Cycles in Conditional Faulty Enhanced Hypercubes PDF
Runlan Qin, Hongmei Liu 49-54
Analysis of Earthquake Data Based on Space-Time Epidemic Type Aftershock Sequence Model PDF
Hasih Pratiwi, Subanar , Danardono 52-62
Diagnose Learning Misconceptions Based on Rough Sets PDF
C. P. Tsai, T. W. Sheu, J. W. Tzeng, T. L Chen, H. J. Chiang Shaohua, M. Nagai 63-75
An Improved Estimation Procedure in Two-Phase Successive Sampling PDF
G. N. Singh, F. Homa 76-85
Energy Saving Application of Data Fusion Algorithm in ZigBee Networks PDF
Lei Gao, Yuan-Dong Lan 86-97
Establishment and Numerical Simulation of Seepage Mathematical Model of Foam Flooding PDF
Yazhou Zhou, Daiyin Yin, Rui Cao, Bin Liu 98-106
On generalized inverses of partitioned matrix in Banachiewicz-Schur form PDF
Zhiping Xiong, Yingying Qin 107-113
Comparative Analysis between Analytic Hierarchy Process and Interval Analytic Hierarchy Process PDF
Xinchun Wang, LiziYin 114-118
The Determination of Reasonable Bailing Period for Bailing Production PDF
YIN Daiyin, LI Yuanting 119-130
Local and parallel finite element algorithms for eigenvalue problem with homogeneous mixed boundary conditions PDF
Zhengxia Li, Yidu Yang, Hao Li 131-140
Testing of Goodness of Fit in Semiparametric Logistic Regression Models of Correlated Binary Data PDF
Suliadi 141-151
A characterization of CES production functions having constant return to scale in microeconomics PDF
Xiaoshu Wang 152-158
Exact Average Run Length of Double Moving Control Chart PDF
S. Sukparungsee, Y. Areepong 159-168
Dynamical analysis of a stochastic ratio-dependent predator-prey system with Lévy jumps PDF
Caifeng Fan, Zuoliang Xiong, Dandan Nie 169-177
A new generalization of fuzzy ideals in ordered semigroups PDF
Jian Tang, Xiangyun Xie 178-187
New exact solutions of the Klein-Gordon Equation PDF
Yunjie Yang, Aifang Feng, Yan He 188-196