2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 7

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Table of Contents


One Problem of Nonlinear Stochastic Programming PDF
M. V. Svishchikova 1-7
Cointegration with a Time Trend and Pairs Trading Strategy: Empirical Study on the 'S and P' 500 Future and Spot Index Prices PDF
Heni Puspaningrum, Yan-Xia Lin, Chandra Gulati 8-22
Another Set of Optimality Conditions for Zero-Sum Stochastic Games with Sample-Path Average Payoffs PDF
Jie Yang 23-37
A conjecture concerning primitive Pythagoren triple PDF
Hu Jiayuan, Zhang Han 38-42
Simulation Study to Construct the Prediction Interval for Double Seasonal Holt-Winters PDF
M. Salamah, H. Kuswanto, A. Rachmi, Suhartono 43-50
Grey Correlation Analysis-based Selection Method of Fracturing Well and Formation for Polymer Flooding PDF
YIN Daiyin, DUAN Yingjiao, ZHANG Chengli 51-64
On the diophantine system a^2 + b^2 = c^r and a^x + b^y = c^z for b is a prime PDF
Feng Qiang, Han Di 65-73
A Class of Volterra-Fredholm Type Difference Inequality and Its Application in Engineering PDF
Ricai Luo, Wu-Sheng Wang 74-80
Scheduling Jobs and A Variable Maintenance on A Single Machine with Common Due-window Assignment PDF
Jianbo Gong, Long Wan, Wenchang Luo 81-89
Cross wavelet Analysis for the Time–frequency Effects of Money Supply and Consumption Volatility PDF
Xiwen Qin, Fengze Cai, Xiaogang Dong 90-98
The Procedure of Kriging Variance Estimation Based on Semi parametric Bootstrapping in Deterministic Simulation PDF
Elmanani Simamora, Subanar , Sri Haryatmi Kartiko 99-110
Influences of Advanced Water Injection on Sweep Efficiency and Oil Recovery in Fractured Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoir PDF
Song Guoliang, Zhang Chengli 111-118
Satisfaction Degree Model on New Rural Resident: An Empirical Analysis PDF
Wang Zaixiang, Fan Junjie 119-127
Optimization of Reasonable Pressure Level Limit of Advanced Water Injection in Fractured Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs PDF
Song Guoliang, Zhang Chengli 128-136
Time truncated double acceptance sampling plans for inverse Rayleigh distribution PDF
Min Hu, Wenhao Gui 137-146
Optimal control strategy for dividend-payments in a risk model with stochastic premiums PDF
Chun li, Jiyang Tan, Hanjun Zhang, Ziqiang Li 147-156
The Graphic Application of Random Channel Specifications PDF
Qionghua TanTan, Jinshan Xie, Zhenghua Xu 157-166
TOPSIS Mathematical Model for Ranking of Political Campaign TV Programs Order PDF
Wu Kun-Shan, Chang Pei-Chuan 167-174
A New Car-Following Model with Consideration of the Driver’s Delay Driving Behaviour PDF
Hu Jun-jun, Zhang Yu 175-181
Class number and its divisibility of the imaginary quadratic fields PDF
Qi Lan, Zhang Wenpeng 182-186
Estimation of Extreme Value at Risk in Rwanda Exchange Rate PDF
Ntawihebasenga Jean de Dieu, P.N. Mwita, J.K. Mung’atu 187-195
Application for Shenzhen composite index of the three-parameter generalized Pareto distribution to estimate VaR PDF
Zhao Xu, Cheng Weihu, Zhang Qingnan, Zhang Yang 196-207
Perturbation Homotopy Method for Solving Variational Inequalities with General Constraints on an Unbounded Set PDF
Xiaona Fan, Furong Gao, Tingtin Xu 208-217