2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 3

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Table of Contents


A Robust MCMC-based Method for Piecemeal Estimation of Distributional Features in Continuous Data PDF
Raed A. T. Said 1-9
Asymptotic Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems with State Constraints PDF
A. Widyotriatmo, K.-S. Hong 10-23
The approximation from below by the Crouzeix-Raviart element for the Steklov eigenvalue problem PDF
H. Bi, Y. D. Yang 24-32
Explicit Expression for the Average Run Length of Double Moving Average Scheme for Zero-Inflated Binomial Process PDF
Y. Areepong, S. Sukparungsee 33-43
Performance of Covariate-Based Partitioning Goodness of Fit Test for Semiparametric Logistic GEE Regression PDF
Suliadi, Abdul Kudus 44-54
Trivariate Copula to Estimate Claim Costs: the Malaysian Motor Insurance Experience PDF
Y. Resti, N. Ismail, S S.H. Jamaan 55-65
Computational Po wer of Probabilistic Bidirectional Sticker System in DNA Computing PDF
M. Selvarajoo, W. H. Fong, N. H. Sarmin, S. Turaev 66-72
The Relationships among Risk Factors, Coverage, Claim Amount: A Case Study of Auto Physical Damage Insurance PDF
Hsu-Hua Lee, Ming-Yuan Hsu, Chen-Ying Lee 73-86
Exact Solutions of the Transform of Term Structure of Interest Rates under Levy Jumps PDF
Xiangdong Liu, Xiaojuan Hu 87-98
k-Watson-Crick Petri Net Controlled Grammars PDF
N. Mohamad Jan, W. H. Fong, N. H. Sarmin, S. Turaev 99-106
Congruence Permutable Symmetric Extended Distributive Lattices PDF
Congwen Luo, Jin Wen 107-110
Logistic Regression Model for Cognitive Biases in Financial Analysts Recommendations PDF
Wang Lina, Zhu Weidong 111-119
Pivotal Inference for the Generalized Logistic Distribution Based on Progressively Type-II Censored Samples PDF
Yeon-Ju Seo, Suk-Bok Kang, Jung-In Seo 120-127
Effects of Radiation and Porosity on the MHD Flow near a Vertical Plate that Applies Shear Stress to the Fluid PDF
A. Khan, I. khan, Z. Ismail, S. Sharidan 128-139
The Derivation of Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Linear Relation with Outliers PDF
Titirut Thipbharos 140-149
Designing of Growth Reference Chart by Using Birespon Semiparametric Regression Approach Based on P-Spline Estimator PDF
N. Chamidah, Eridani 150-158
Calculation of Lyapunov Quantities for a Cubic Lienard Polynomial System PDF
H. W. Salih, Z. A. Aziz 159-164
Developing Block Method of Order Seven for Solving Third Order Ordinary Differential Equations Directly using Multistep Collocation Approach PDF
Z. Omar, J. O. Kuboye 165-173
The Probability of First-time and Estimation of the Customer Lifetime Value in Health Insurance Data Using Markov Chain Model PDF
D. Permana, U. S. Pasaribu, S. W. Indratno, Suprayogi 174-183