2016, Volume 54, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Mathematical Modeling Behavior of Caving in Open Cast while Tailing Exploitation PDF
Matvey Matveevich Yakubovskiy, Marina Arkadyevna Ivanova 1-14
Developing a Continuous Review (R, Q) Policy when the Demand during Lead-time distributed Generalized Gamma four-parameters PDF
K. M. Ghafour, R. Ramli, N. Z. Zaibidi 15-26
Equity Premium Under Normally Distributed Jump Sizes In A Production Economy With Jumps PDF
Mukupa M. George, Elias R. Offen 27-41
Modeling and Prediction of Dakar Air Quality Index PDF
Lebede Ngartera, Gueye Diagne Salimata, Youssou Gningue 42-53
Efficient Use of Texture and Color features in Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) PDF
EL ASNAOUI Khalid, CHAWKI Youness, AKSASSE Brahim, OUANAN Mohammed 54-65
Modeling of Welfare Indicators in Java Island using Biresponses MARS PDF
A. P. Ampulembang, B. W. Otok, A. T. Rumiati, Budiasih 66-75
Global stability of a family of asymmetrical difference equations PDF
Shiqi Tang, Hengsheng Tang, Zhenghua Xu 76-82
Prediction interval for future record from Weibull tailed distributions PDF
Mohammed Khaled, Mohamed Dakkon, Mohamed El Arrouchi 83-94
Inequalities in Orlicz spaces for nonnegative sub-martingales PDF
Yang Yang, Yanming Jin 95-99
A Minimal Chebyshev-Lobatto Formula of Degree 5 for the Square PDF
Wei Dan 100-104
On m-restricted edge connectivity of Cartesian Product graphs PDF
Yingying Qin, Jianping Ou, Weisheng Zhao 105-113
Exponential Circular Distribution Motivated by Inverse Stereographic Projection PDF
G. Pramesti, Yanming Jin 114-122
Option pricing model on dividend-paying securities PDF
Yingchun Zheng, Yunfeng Yang 123-131
A New Starter Sets Generation Method by Fixing Any Element Under Exchange Restriction PDF
S. Karim, H. Ibrahim, Z. Omar, H. Sapiri 132-141