2016, Volume 55, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Parameter Estimation of the Half-Triangle Distribution based on Progressively Type I Interval Censored Data PDF
Yu-Hyung Lee, Suk-Bok Kang, Hwa-Jung Lee 1-9
A Unique Stochastic Model of Markov and Poisson Process for Predicting Pitting Corrosion and Scale Growth in Oil/Gas Production Pipeline PDF
R. K. Santoso, S. D. Rahmawati 10-25
T-Ordering on Interval Valued Fuzzy Matrices PDF
P. Poongodi , L. SreeLakshmi 26-33
Some approaches to the study of the stability of solutions to multi–objective optimization problems PDF
Daniil S. Perestoronin, Viatcheslav V. Kolbin 34-40
Locally Continuous Domains and Some Applicatins PDF
Zhang Zeze, Jiang Guanghao 41-50
Minimizing Risk of Black-Litterman Portfolio Using Genetic Algorithms PDF
EL HACHLOUFI Mostafa, EL HADDAD Mohammed, El ATTAR Abderrahim 51-58
Decomposition and Construction of Molecular Skin Surfaces PDF
S. A. Mohamed, Sh. M. Radwan, M.A. Abd Elmegeed 59-78
Mixed Model On the Bayesian Zero Inflated Spatio-Temporal for Relative Risk Diagnostic of DHF Incidences PDF
Mukhsar, A. Sani, B. Abapihi, E. Cahyono, R. Raya 79-89
Bayesian Analysis of Multilevel Models with the Skew-Slash Distribution PDF
Atefeh Farokhi, Ali Shadrokh 90-99
Stochastic Network Calculus for various Fading techniques in Underwater Wireless Communication PDF
Raj M R Christhu, Rajeev Sukumaran 100-112