2016, Volume 55, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Existence and stability of solution for transmission system with varying delay PDF
S. Zitouni, A. Ardjouni, Kh. Zennir, R. Amiar 1-13
Extrapolation of symmetrized Runge-Kutta methods in the variable stepsize setting PDF
Annie Gorgey 14-22
Modeling Advertising Expenditures Using Differential Equations: The Case of an Oligopoly Data Set PDF
M. Chalikias, P. Lalou, M. Skordoulis 23-31
Performance and Security Improvements of Dömösi’s Cryptosystem PDF
Ghassan Khaleel, Sherzod Turaev, M. Izzuddin M. Tamrin, Imad F. Al-Shaikhli 32-45
Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial model to Overcome Excess Zeros Count in Motorcycles Road Accident PDF
M.S. Sapuan, A.M. Razali, Z.H. Zamzuri 46-56
Generalized Exponential Chain Ratio and Chain Product Estimators under Stratified Two-Phase Random Sampling for Non-Response PDF
Aamir Sanaullah, Muhammad Noor ul Amin, Muhammad Hanif, Cem Kadilar 57-79
Optimal Choice of Security Loading and The Parameters of Reinsurance Treaties for Maximizing the Technical Benefits of Insurance Company PDF
Abderrahim El Attar, Mostafa Elhachloufi, Zine El Abdine Guennoun 80-93
Mathematical Modelling on Inter Conversion of Primary to Secondary Pollutants in an Urban Dome Using Cylindrical Polar Coordinates under Dirichlet’s Condition PDF
Manju Agarwal, Vivek Joseph 94-102
Bayesian Multiperiod Forecasting for Indonesia Inflation Using ARMA Model PDF
Zul Amry 103-110