2017, Volume 56, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Brand and its Impact in Analysis of Customer Decision - making Process using TOPSIS technique PDF
R. Vavrek, J. Novotova 1-18
Regime Switching models on Temperature Dynamics PDF
Emanuel Evarest, Fredrik Berntsson, Martin Singull, Wilson M. Charles 19-36
Strict Fuzzy Sets and Strict Fuzzy Probability PDF
Youssef Prince Abed, Abdul Hadi Nabih Ahmed, Hamiden Abd Elwahed Khalifa 37-49
Control Chart for Process Average Based on Generalized Intuitionistic Fuzzy Number PDF
Ali Shabani, Gholamhossein Yari, Ezzatulleh Baloui Jamkhaneh 50-63
First Exit Time from a Corridor PDF
T. Guillaume 64-80
Measurability of the likelihood function PDF
Mechakra Hadda, Tiah Naceur 81-84
The Algorithm for Neuro-Fuzzy Controlling the Intensity of Retransmission in A Mobile Ad-Hoc Network PDF
I.S. Konstantinov, K. O. Polshchykov, S. A. Lazarev 85-90
Estimation of Population Means Based on a Bi-variate Sample in the Presence of Partial Non-Response and Unit Non-Response PDF
B. B. Khare, P. S. Jha 91-104
Solution of Eigenvalue Problems as Extremes of a Second Degree Surface PDF
H. El-Gendy, A. Eraky, M. S. Matbuly, M. Afwat 105-116
The Application of Redundant Units and Alternative Designs to Reliability Optimization PDF
Mohammad Mohammadi Najafabadi, S. Mansouri 117-124
On Gnostical Estimates PDF
Zdenĕk Fabián 125-132
Notes On the Spectral properties of the m-sectorial Elliptic Differential Operators PDF
A. Sameripour, A. Ghaedrahmati 133-141