June 2009, Volume 14, Number J09

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Table of Contents


Variable Selection via Nonconcave Penalized Likelihood in High Dimensional Medical Problems PDF
K. Mylona, C. Koukouvinos, E.-M. Theodoraki, S. Katsaragakis 1-11
Rectangular Method on Stochastic Volterra Equations PDF
C.H. Wen, T.S. Zhang 12-26
Optimal change over designs under treatment × unit interaction PDF
Cini Varghese, A.R. Rao , V.K. Gupta 27-34
Penalized maximum likelihood estimation with l1 penalty PDF
J-M Loubes , Y. Yan 35-42
Solving polynomial systems via LMI: worst and best representation matrices PDF
Graziano Chesi 47-59
A Study of Logistic Map using Wavelets PDF
Sarita Azad, R. Srivastava 60-67
On Marginal Stability Computation of Flow in a Rotating Cylindrical Annulus and Application to Protein Crystal Growth PDF
Nelson J. Carrasquero, Daniel N. Riahi, Dambaru Bhatta 68-81
Advances on the transient growth quantification in linear control systems PDF
Georgi Smirnov, Vladimir Bushenkov, Francisco Miranda 82-92
Approximation of Signal in the Holder Metric PDF
S.K. Jain, P.K. Mahajan , B. Soni 93-96
A few observations on the Collatz problem PDF
Diego Dominici 97-107