2020, Volume 59, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Strong uniform consistency rates of the local linear estimation of the conditional hazard estimator for functional data PDF
Abdelmalek GAGUI, Abdelhak CHOUAF 1-13
E-Bayesian Estimation of Exponential-Lomax Distribution Under Asymmetric Loss Functions PDF
Kirandeep Kour, Parmil Kumar, Priyanka Anand, Jaspreet Kour Sudan 14-39
Estimation of Lifetime Parameters for Generalized Gompertz Distribution Under Progressively First-Failure-Censored Data PDF
Samir K. Ashour, Ahmed A. El-Sheikh, Ahmed Elshahhat 40-68
A Strong law of large numbers for sequences of set-valued random variables with a martingale difference selection PDF
Tuyen L. T 69-80
Bayes Meets Riemann – Bayesian Characterization of Infinite Series with Application to Riemann Hypothesis PDF
Sucharita Roy, Sourabh Bhattacharya 81-128
Estimation of Density and Reliability Function of Inverse Lomax Distribution under Type-II Censoring and the Sampling Scheme of Bartholomew PDF
Ankita Sharma, Parmil Kumar 129-150
Multitravelling Wave Solutions for some Nonlinear Fractional Equations of Mathematical Physics PDF
Eltayeb A. Yousif, Mohamed I. Nouh 151-160
A New Procedure for Detecting the Population Having More New Better than Used Property Based on U-statistic PDF
Kala Nayak, Parameshwar V. Pandit, Shubhashree Joshi 161-167