2011, Volume 22, Number S11

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Special Issue on Soft Computing (Guest Editor-in-Chief: Arsham Borumand Saeid)

Table of Contents


Preface: Soft Computing and Approximate Reasoning PDF
Arsham Borumand Saeid, Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani 1
Multi-View Forest: A New Ensemble Method based on Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory PDF
Mohamed Farouk Abdel Hady, Friedhelm Schwenker, Gunther Palm 2-19
The Improvement Steps of Intrusion Detection System Architectures for MANETs PDF
Farzaneh Pakzad, Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani, Arsham Borumand Saeid 20-32
An Algorithm for Quasi-Associative and Quasi-Markovian Rules of Combination in Information Fusion PDF
Florentin Smarandache, Jean Dezert 33-42
A New Dynamic Bandwidth Provisioning Approach PDF
M. Rajaei, S. Noferesti 43-52
On Evolutionary Algorithms for Large Cliques in Random Graphs PDF
Mohammad M. Javidi, Saeed Mehrabi 53-60
Ant-Based Routing Algorithms in Mobile Ad hoc Networks PDF
Sanaz Asadinia, Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani, Arsham Borumand Saeid 61-68
Approximation of a Fuzzy Data Via 0.5-Level and Mean Core PDF
Tayebeh Hajjari 69-78
A Hybrid Algorithm Based on Ant Colony System and Learning Automata for Solving Steiner Tree Problem PDF
S. Noferesti, M. Rajaei 79-88
Some Special Classes of Divisible Hypergroups PDF
Ali Iranmanesh, Sogol Niazian 89-98
On the congruence numerical range of matrices PDF
Gholamreza Aghamollaei 99-104
The Functors l;w on Fuzzy Topological Spaces PDF
M. Ebrahimi 105-111