2011, Volume 23, Number D11

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Table of Contents


Applications of Lambert W Function PDF
R. N. Rathie, P. H.D. Silva 1-15
Symmetric Lucas Function Solutions of the Stochastic KdV Equation PDF
E. A-B. Abdel-Salam, Z. I. A. Al-Muhiameed 16-25
Estimation of Outstanding Claims Liability Using Empirical Moments of Correlated Random Sum PDF
Aceng Komarudin Mutaqin, Sutawanir Darwis, Dumaria Rulina Tampubolon, Rianto Ahmadi Djojosugito 26-38
Construction of Dependent Mixed Sampling Plans Using ChSP-2 Plan as Attribute Plan Indexed Through AQL PDF
R. Radhakrishnan, P. G. Saravanan 39-45
Generalized r-Permutation and r-Combination Techniques for k-Separable Inclusion Condition PDF
C. Moore, M. Laisin, O. C. Okoli 46-53
(T; S)-based intuitionistic fuzzy composite matrix and its application PDF
Menglei Lin, Han-Liang Huang 54-63
Convergence of Riemann-Liouvelli and Caputo Derivative Definitions for Practical Solution of Fractional Order Differential Equation PDF
Shantanu Das 64-74
A Distortion Based Risk Measure And Its Evaluation For Optimal Decision PDF
A. Chukwuemeka Okoroafor, F. Nwite Chuku 75-83
Inventory Model for Ramp Type Demand, Time Dependent Deteriorating Items with Salvage Value and Shortages PDF
Vinod Kumar Mishra, Lal Sahab Singh 84-91
Biomechanics of a Rifle-Firing Model: Effects of Rifle Dynamics on Target Accuracy PDF
W. R. Wan Din, A. S. Rambely, A. A. Jemain 92-97
Solution of an Eigenvalue Problem using Trigonometric Interpolation by Finite Element Method PDF
M. U. Ahammad, Md. Shirazul Hoque Mollah, Md. Obayedullah 98-104
Recombinant Allergens in Diagnostics of Birch Pollen Allergy and Grass Pollen Allergy PDF
Carmen de Matos, Ralf Bauer 105-111
A Different Approach to Normalized Analytic Functions Through Meromorphic Functions Defined by Extended Multiplier Transformations Operator PDF
Maslina Darus, Imran Faisal 112-121
Measuring LDA Performance Affected by Normal and Skew-Normal Distributions Using the Normwise Condition Number PDF
H. Saberi Najafi, A. Zeinal 122-134
Lattice Boolean Valued Measurable Functions PDF
D.V.S.R. Anil Kumar, J. Venkateswara Rao, J. Pramada 135-142