2013, Volume 39, Issue Number: 9

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Table of Contents


Simple bounds for the generalised Marcum Q-function PDF
R. B. Paris 1-9
Generalizations of Ostrowski-Grüss type integral inequalities for twice differentiable mappings PDF
Jaekeun Park 10-23
Optimal Control Problem for (n x n)-Infinite Order Elliptic Systems PDF
G. M. Bahaa, Eman Al-Gohany 24-34
Three sorts of neighborhood structures of a (L,bigodot)-smooth topological spaces PDF
M.A. Abdel-Sattar 35-46
A Graph Theoretic Approach for 2-layer Channel Routing Problem PDF
Xianya Geng, Jinshan Xie, Zhenghua Xu 47-53
Bias Comparison on Memory Parameter of Skip Sampled Long Memory and Exponentially Smooth Transition Autoregressive Process PDF
H. Kuswanto, Irhamah, M. Koesniawanto 54-61
Solving nonlinear integral equations in the Hammerstein form by Newton-Kantorovich-quadrature method PDF
A. Jafaria, Z. Esmailzadeh 62-69
Optimal Allocation between International Reserves and Sovereign Wealth Funds for Different Horizons PDF
Xiaoyun Wei, Liyan Han 70-80
Hermite-Hadamard-like type inequalities for extended s-convex mappings on the co-ordinates PDF
Jaekeun Park 81-92
Optimality Conditions for n x n Coupled Elliptic Systems with Control-Constrained and Infinite Number of Variables PDF
G. M. Bahaa, Fatemah El-Shatery 93-104
A new correlation analysis method used in behavioural science research PDF
Jyh-Rong Chou 105-129
A Fuzzy Portfolio Selection Model with Cardinality Constraints Based on Differential Evolution Algorithm PDF
He Jiandong 130-137
A New Algorithm of AHP-BP Applied in Petroleum Engineering PDF
Jing Ning, Fan Honghai, Zhai Yinghu, Geng Zhi 138-145
A New Type of Conditional value-at-risk Model with Its Application PDF
Xudong Wang 146-155
Analysis of Design Cognitive Ability of Students Majored in Landscape PDF
Lifang Qiao, Jie Zhao 156-162
Application of Digital Image Processing Technique in Geotechnical Dynamic Triaxial Test PDF
Song Yang, Longtan Shao, Yong Sang, Chuan Huang, Xiaoxia Guo 163-171
Fuzzy AHP Method for Assessment of Urban Community Landscape Environment Satisfaction PDF
Yichuan Zhang, Lei Feng 172-179
Coefficient matrices of a class of active network over F(z) PDF
Xiao-bing Yi, Kai-Sheng Lu, Qiang Ma, Jin Zhang 180-187
Evaluation Model of Physical Fitness of Young Tennis Athletes Based On AHP-TOPSIS Comprehensive Evaluation PDF
Hongwei Yang 188-195
A Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Channel Selection in Telecom Industry PDF
Yi Yin 196-204
Mathematical Morality Risk Model for Financing in Small Enterprises PDF
Ran Zeng 205-213
Applying Balanced Scorecard Model to Establish Performance Evaluation System of Chinese Commercial Banks PDF
Zhiwei Zhang 214-227
Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction with Adaptive Regularization Parameter PDF
SHI Yan-xin, CHENG Yong-mei 227-235
Marathon Grades Time Series Forecasting Based On Improved Radial Basis Function Neural Network PDF
YU Gui-shen 236-242
An Analysis of Hurdle Performance Prediction Based On Mechanical Analysis and Gray Prediction Model PDF
Haibin Wang, Shuye Yang 243-250
Simultaneous Equation Model for Interactive Relation between Capital Structure and the Payment Method PDF
Sun Shipan, Zhao Xi, Li Shengnan 251-268
Container Yard Optimization Research Based on Utilization Rate and Transposition Rate PDF
Jingyuan Zeng, Zhenji Zhang, Ruize Gao, Xiaolan Guan 269-278