2013, Volume 38, Issue Number: 8

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(Guest Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Charles Shieh)

Table of Contents


FOREWORD: International Conference on Organizational Innovation PDF
Charles Shieh 1
When The Hypothesis Is Invalidated, Does It Matter? A New Approach To Hierarchical Multiple Regression Analysis PDF
Han-Chao Chang, Chung-Lin Tsai 2-27
The Roles of Causal Attribution on the Continued Use of E-learning Systems PDF
Ching-Sing You, Ming-Chien Hung, Yu-Jen Tsen, Hsien-Bin Wang 28-42
Mathematical Pricing Model in Dynamic Market with Demand Uncertainty PDF
Kuo-Wei Lin 43-57
Effects of Promotion Policies on Consumption Intention in Catering Industry PDF
Lin Chien-Hsiung 58-69
Rethinking the Impact of Teacher-Parents’ Involvement on Their Children’s Academic Achievements PDF
H. C. Lee, M. J. Chou 70-83
Performance Analysis of Automobile Industry in Taiwan with Data Envelopment Analysis PDF
Alex Maritz, Chich-Jen Shieh 84-95
Development of Environmental Law and Policy in Bangladesh: An Overview PDF
Noor Mohammad 96-106
Effects of Service Innovation on Customer Satisfaction in Recreation Industry PDF
Shang-Pao Yeh, Hsin-Wei Fu 107-116
Globalization and Stock Fluctuations Using Shift-share Identity PDF
S. Chiang 117-125
Using Path Analysis to Explore Knowledge Sharing Behavior Factors on Twitter PDF
Sheng-Wen Hsieh, Ming-Chia Hsieh, Ching-Chang Lee 126-138
Exploration on the Manufacturing Strategy for Recyclable Products in Green Supply Chain PDF
Wen-Ching Kuo, Shiang-Huei Kung, Chinyao Low 139-151
The Effects on Work Value and Creativity: A Generation Difference Perspective PDF
Ya-Hui Kuo, Ming-Chia Hsieh, Ching-Chang Lee 152-166
The Regulatory Focus Study on Impact of Celebrities and Amateur Endorsements PDF
Ming-Horng Weng, Chao-Fang Chen, Yi-Chou Wang 167-179
Purchase Involvement in Hakka Cultural and Creative Products - A Case Study on Hakka Commodity Creativity Design PDF
Ying-Jye Lee, Pei-Tsz Wu 180-190
Effect of Innovative Ontology-based Approach on Learning Performance of Students with ANOVA Method PDF
Yao-Chien Hsieh, Chien-I Lee, Kuo-Kuang Chu 191-201