2013, Volume 40, Issue Number: 10

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Table of Contents


A Mistake on the Computation of Jacobians of Singular Random Matrices PDF
Shiqing Wang, Limin Su 1-12
On The Foldings of Lobachevsky Space PDF
A. E. El-Ahmady, K. Al-Onemi 13-23
Method of Matching Coefficients to Measure of Formal Convergence of VAS with IFRS PDF
AnhTuan Nguyen, Guangming Gong, Huynh Tan 24-44
Type-2 Fuzzy Bezier Surface PDF
Rozaimi Zakaria, Abd Fatah Wahab 45-71
Markov Financial Model Using Hidden Markov Model PDF
Luc Tri Tuyen 72-83
Optimal Control of Periodic-review Inventory Production Systems with Weibull Deteriorating Items PDF
Md. Azizul Baten, Ruzelan Khalid, Mohd. Kamal Mohd. Nawawi 84-98
Vertex-Irregular Labeling and Vertex-Irregular Total Labeling on Caterpillar Graph PDF
Nurdin, Muh. Zakir, Firman 99-105
Adaptive Fuzzy Backstepping Control For a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems PDF
Heng Liu, Hailiang Zhao 106-114
On enumerating solutions of certain equations over Z_m and an effective algorithm for factoring integers PDF
Guangkui Xu, Xiwang Cao 115-122
Overlapping and nonoverlapping domain decomposition methods for image restoration PDF
Zeghbib Fatima Zohra, Maouni Messaoud, Nouri Fatima Zohra 123-128
MS-VAR Eastimation Model for Term Structure of Interest Rate of Treasury Bonds and Cycle of Monetary Policy PDF
Liu Huiming, Xia Qing, Zhang Huahua 129-135
The Special Quality Evaluation of the Triple Jump and the Differential Equation Model of Long Jump Mechanics Based on Gray Correlation Analysis PDF
Bing Zhang, Yan Feng 136-143
DCC-GARCH Statistical Model for Real Estate Markets Fluctuations PDF
Z. J. Zong, X. B. Wu, B. W. Chen 144-151
Calculating the Closest Distance between Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces PDF
J. N. Zhu, M. J. Wang, Z. C. Wei, B. Cao 152-160
Cost-Sensitive Clustering for Uncertain Data Based on Genetic Algorithm PDF
C. Y. Liu 161-169
Measuring Method of Bearing Size Based on Improved Hough Transform of Circle Geometric Characteristics PDF
Lixiong Gong 170-177
Application of Standardized Statistical Analysis Method to College English Test Results PDF
Yuqing Wang 178-184
Intelligent Detection Methods of Fresh Corn Ear Maturity Based on Texture PDF
Huihui Wang, Xueheng Tao, Xuejun Wang, Jixin Yang, Jinshi Cheng 185-192
Binocular Stereo Vision Reconstruction System Based on Modern High Performance Computing PDF
Chunbo Yang, Li Zhang 193-203
Genetic Algorithm-based High Web Flow Image Processing Technology PDF
Yang Zhao, Xiao-dong Wang, Yun-xia Jiang, Rui Zhang 204-213
Multilevel Quantum System based on Quantization Dimension Measure PDF
Yue Feng 214-222
The Modelling and Simulation of Order Processing System based on Queuing Theory PDF
Min Hong, Honglu Liu 223-231
Mixture Gamma Distribution for Estimation of Wind Power Potential PDF
M. Erisoglu, T. Servi, U. Erisoglu, N. Calis 232-241
An integrative method of mining genes related to complex disease like Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma with mRNA microarray data PDF
Xiqiang Zhao, Shuxia Liu, Lichao Zhang 242-258
Robust State Feedback Stabilization for Nonholonomic Mobile Robots with Stochastic Disturbances PDF
Fangzheng Gao, Yanling Shang 259-268
Risk of B2B Customer Research Based on Combination Forecast Model PDF
Wang Gui-zhi, Lu Jin-shuai, Lv Xiao-jun, Xia Ping-song 269-278