2013, Volume 41, Issue Number: 11

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Table of Contents


The Exact Density Function of a Sum of Independent Gamma Random Variables as an Inverse Mellin Transform PDF
Iman Mabrouk, Serge B. Provost 1-14
Nodal solutions of second order m-point boundary value problem with P-Laplacian PDF
Meng Hu, Lili Wang 15-22
Semigroup Approach of a Two-Unit System with Connecting and Disconnecting Effect PDF
Alim Mijit, Geni Gupur 23-30
The essential (m, l)−idempotent matrix and its minimal polynomial PDF
Meixiang Chen, Hongbin Lv, Xiaoxia Feng, Zhongpeng Yang 31-41
The Optimal Cooperative Relationship Evaluation Obtained Using TOPSIS Method PDF
Yueh-Hua Lee, Chung-Chu Chuang, Feng-Yi Wu 42-47
Image Restoration based on a p-Gradient Model PDF
Maouni Messaoud, F. Z. Nouri 48-57
Cycles embedding on folded hypercubes with vertex faults PDF
Yanjuan Zhang, Hongmei Liu, Min Liu 58-70
A new biased-estimator for a class of ill-conditioned seemingly unrelated regression systems PDF
Yaoqiong Zhou, Ning Dong, Bo Yu 71-78
Attribute Reduction Algorithm of the Lattice-Valued Concept Lattice PDF
Li Yang, Yuhui Wang, Yang Xu 79-87
On Some Geometric Transformations of Compound Gaph and Applications PDF
A. EL-ABED 88-103
Triumph of Good over Evil ? An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) PDF
Huei- Jeng Chou 104-115
Retractions of Fuzzy Flat Robertson-Walker Space PDF
A. E. El-Ahmady, A. S. Al-Luhaybi 116-129
Time Series Cointegration Model for Perspective of the Effectiveness of Window Guidance of China PDF
Weiguo Xiao, Bing Shao, Ying-nan Fu 130-138
Mechanics Models of Frost Heaving Damage on Composite Lining Trapezoidal Canal with Arc-bottom PDF
Haibo Jiang, Yuan Zheng 139-150
The Optimal Combination Decision Algorithm to Two Types of Venture Investment PDF
Wang Zaixiang, Li Wangchen, Fan Junjie 151-156
A robust optimization model based on conditional expectation for vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands PDF
Liang Sun, Xiao-yuan Wang 157-162
A New Framework for Sparse Representation PDF
Weijun Li, Min Shi 163-173
Applications of Similarity Measures for Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers in Risk Evaluation of HR Outsourcing PDF
Xiaofei Li 174-182
Robust Production Planning with Remanufacturing and Heterogeneous Demands under Return and Demand Uncertainty PDF
Yi Jing, Xu Wang, Wenchuan Li, Lei Deng 183-196
Exploration of Tunnel Alignment Using Integrated Geophysical Methods: A Case Study in China-Burma Gas Pipeline Tunnel PDF
Zhaohui Huang, Aihua Chen 197-205
Statistical Model for Bioinformatics Analysis of Synonymous Codon Usage Bias in Dengue Type 2 Virus PDF
Zeng Tu, Yonglin He, He Lu, Lie Xu, Zhibang Yang, Chun Yang 206-213
Numerical Simulation for Evaluating the Effects of Cooking-Generated Particulate Matters on Human Health PDF
Yan Liu, Huang Xuefeng, Wen ZhengCheng, Jiangrong Xu 214-221
Strong Designated Verifier ID-based Threshold Ring Signature Scheme PDF
Lei Wu, Defa Hu 222-229
Empirical Analysis of Smoothing the Abnormal Fluctuant Statistical Data PDF
Guangrong Tong, Yucheng Liu 230-238
Newsboy Model for Easy-Deteriorated Items under Retail Price Discounts Strategy PDF
Yong Ye, Youhua Zhang 239-245
Short Term Load Forecasting Using Improved Particle Swarm Fuzzy Neural Network PDF
Yuhong Zhao, Heping Hu, Zhennan Hong 246-254
Co-cheating Prevention Visual Cryptography Scheme Based on Random Numbers PDF
Li-guo Fang, Zheng-xin Fu, Yu Bin, Jin-yuan Lu 255-262
A Numerical Model for Evaluating Permeability and Porosity Damage of Dry Sandstone PDF
Xiuxing Zhu, Shifeng Xue, Xinghua Tong 263-270
Analytical Framework of Supply Chain Quality Risk Based on the Algorithm of Rough Sets PDF
Yubing Yu, Wei Xiong, Yanhong Cao 271-278
Effects of Aspiration-Driven Risk Preference in Public Goods Game on Complex Networks PDF
Chi Zhang, Minghui Wang 279-285
Simulation and PID Control of Bullwhip Effect in Closed-Loop Supply Chain based on Noise Bandwidth PDF
Yi Jing, Xu Wang, Wenchuan Li, Lei Deng 286-294
A Dynamic Cournot Model of Multiple Manufacturers with Different Marginal Cost PDF
Sidai Guo, Gang Chen, Yue Han 295-303
Mathematical Model for Calculation of Fat Sand Casing Cementing Strength PDF
Hao Ming, Ai Chi, Liu Xiaojuan 304-310
Correction Coefficient of Acoustic Logging Influenced by Micro-annulus PDF
Hao Ming, Ai Chi, Wang Shujiang 311-318
Grey Chance Constrained Programming and Solving Method with Intelligent Algorithm PDF
Huafeng Xu, Shuke Zhou, Zhigeng Fang 319-325