2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


The Accumulation and Distribution of Heavy Metals in Crop Plants at Different Levels of Soil Contamination PDF
Valentina M. Zubkova, Olga L. Voskresenskaya, Albina V. Gaponenko, Nikolai V. Zubkov, Natalia Y. Belozubova 1-9
Alternative Building Materials Analysis for Different Residential Buildings Considering Embodied Energy and Material Cost PDF
Aniket Sharma, Bhanu M. Marwaha 10-34
Plant Communities and Ageratina adenophora Invasion in Lower Montane Vegetation, Central Nepal PDF
L.B. Thapa, K. Kaewchumnong, A. Sinkkonen, K. Sridith 35-49
Reduction of Dust Emission in Transshipping Processes at Sea Ports PDF
S. Kovshov, M. Barkan 50-59
Human Induced Threats for Biodiversity Conservation in Maze National Park, SNNPR, Ethiopia PDF
Bereket Zeleke 60-69
A Study of sea water flow interactions in Heterogeneous Porous Media PDF
N. Djedaidi, F. Z. Nouri 70-77
Improving Land Conservation in Dryland Food Crops Farming in Sub-Watershed Upstream Solo, Indonesia PDF
Suwarto, Suwarto, S. Anantanyu 78-89
Ecological and geochemical peculiarities of surface water transformation in the area of the enterprise JSC "Apatit” impact PDF
A. E. Isakov, M. A. Chukaeva 90-98
Variation of Nutrient Level in Soil and Leaf Litter of Selected Tree Species: A Case Study PDF
M. Mishra, A. Banerjee, D. Palit 99-111