2006, Volume 4, Number 1 (W06)

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Table of Contents


(Anticipated) Climate Change Impacts on Australia PDF
P.Le C.F. Stewart, SR Vemuri 1-22
Measuring Socioeconomic Influences On Land Use Distribution at Watershed Level: A Multinomial Logit Analysis PDF
Gandhi Raj Bhattarai, Daowei Zhang, Upton Hatch 23-34
Effect of Inclusion of a Synthetic Vortex on the Prediction of a Tropical Cyclone over the Bay of Bengal Using a Mesoscale Model PDF
G. Sandeep, A. Chandrasekar, S.K. Dash 35-51
A Global Stability Result and Existence and Uniqueness of Solution to an Age-Structured SI Epidemic Model with Disease-Induced Mortality and Vertical Transmission of Disease PDF
M. El-Doma 52-65
Particle Swarm Optimisation Techniques for Deriving Operation Policies for Maximum Hydropower Generation: A Case Study PDF
C.R. Suribabu 66-85