2011, Volume 20, Number W11

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Table of Contents


Discriminate Analysis versus Random Forests on Qualitative data: Contingent Valuation Method applied to Seine Estuary wetlands PDF
Harvesting of the Vegetation Biomass And Grazer Population with Its Effects on Predator Population: A Mathematical Model PDF
Manju Agarwal, Sapna Devi 14-31
Consumptive Nature-based Recreation in the United States: Welfare Measures from Truncated and Untruncated Count Data Models PDF
S. Majumdar, Y. Zhang 32-50
Weather Risks, Ratemaking, and Modeling the Tail Distribution: An Application of Extreme Value Theory PDF
J. Hao, A. Bathke, J. R. Skees, H. Dai 51-68
Are Shocks to Tourism Revenues Permanent or Transitory? The Turkey Case PDF
Burak Guris 69-74
Economic and Environmental Consequences of the impact of Industrial pollution: A case experience of Domestic Rural Water Supply PDF
S. Boopathi, M. Rameshkumar 75-94
The Empirical Relationship Between Oil Prices and Stock Market Prices in Turkey: Evidence from Sectoral Analysis PDF
Burcu KIRAN 95-108