2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Investigating the Effects of both Historical Wildfire Damage and Future Wildfire Risk on Housing Values PDF
E. Kalhor, B. P. Horn, V. Valentin, R. P. Berrens 1-25
Discrete-Time Survival Models Applied to Turkish Motor Insurance Data PDF
N. Ata Tutkun, U. Karabey 26-36
Congestion control of data network by using anti-windup approach PDF
Agricultural Subsidies’ and Environmental Effects of agricultural productivity (the case of Kosovo) PDF
F. Shaqiri, N. M. Trendov 54-63
Time Delayed Analysis of Two Prey One Predator Ecological Model PDF
T. Vidyanath, Lakshmi K. Narayan, Shahnaz Bathul 64-72
Outliers Detection Methods in Panel Data Regression: An Application to Environment Science PDF
Ahmed R. M. Al Sayed, Zaidi Isa, Sek Siok Kun 73-86
Impact of Climate Factors on the Prevalence of Renal Diseases PDF
R. Sasikumar, S. Raguraman 87-97
Housing policy in Russia: are the targets achievable? PDF
L.A. Guzikova, A.V. Bataev, E.V. Plotnikova 98-111
Heterogeneous attitudes towards a Payment for Ecosystem Services program PDF
Jeff Felardo, Robert Berrens 112-131
Social and Human Potential of the Arctic Frontier (by the Results of Sociological Research in the Yamal) PDF
Marina L. Belonozhko, Anatoliy N. Silin, Oleg M. Barbakov 132-142
Raw-Material Orientation of Kazakhstan: Economic Growth Through Improvement of Institutional Quality PDF
A. G. Mukhamedzhanova, A. B. Medebayeva 143-154
Optimal Control of a Harvested Prey-Predator System Through Provision of Alternative Food to Predator PDF
Uttam Das 155-170
Assessment of the Reproduction Process of Agricultural Enterprises PDF
M. F. Tyapkina, E. A. Ilina 171-179